General Information

Name of the Common Effulent Treatment Plant (CETP) Company
Ranipet Tannery Effluent Treatment Company Ltd. (RANITEC)
Total number of tanneries as per design
Number of Tanneries operating*
CETP commissioned on
05 June,1995
Total production Quantity from tanneries as per design
1,60,700 Kg/day
Raw material processed
Buffalo,Calf ,Cow hides and Skins
Number of tanneries doing Raw to semi-finish of Finish*
Number of tanneries doing Semi-finish to Finish*
Designed flow rate to the CETP
4,500 Cubic meter per day
Capacity of Zero Liquid Discharge plant
3,600 Cubic meter per day
Current flow rate to the CETP*
1,650 Cubic meter per day
Current CETP utilization capacity*

* As On 2017