Welcome To RANITEC

Ranipet, a town about 120 kms from chennai has a large concentration of tanneries processing hides and skins from raw of finish. Born out of the urgent need to control pollution,several centralized treatment facilities were planned. The Ranipet Common Effluent Treatment Plant (RANITEC) at V.C.Mottur is one of such successful facilities catering to the needs of 82 tanneries.

The effluent from the tanneries spread over an area of 4-5 sq.km is collected and transported to the treatement plant through a system of pumping stations, pressure and gravity mains. The total length of the pipe work is about 12 km.

The entire permeate from the Reverse Osmosis and Condensate from the Evaporator are being mixed and recycled to the tanneries through the closed pipe lines for resue in their processes of tanning. The total length of the pipeline for the Recovered Water Distribution is about 25 km and pumped through three Over Head Tanks located in different arears of the cluster.

Environmental Policy

RANITEC commits itself to Environmental projection while delivering its services to its customers through;

  • Process that are environment friendly;
  • People who are trained to care for environment;
  • Enabling to commitments to statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • Enabling pollution prevention;
  • Pursuit of Waste Minimisation,Recycle,Reuse;
  • Pursuit of Environmental Ethic of 4Rs - Reduce,Recycle,Recovery and Reuse;
  • Promotion of conservation of resources;
  • Continual improvement of the processes.

Quality Objectives

  • In Q&M activities introduce pollution prevention programmes
  • Improve Water Management
  • Improve Energy Management
  • Improve Waste Management
  • Green Belt

Quality Policy

To share the respoonsiblity for environmental protection with our customers, by putting every effort as a tream in every process of our organization to ensure satisfactory treatment of effluent as per statuary requirments.

Quality Objectives

  • To meet the stautory requirements of treated effluent as per plant design.
  • To Implement a sound quality assurance system and strictly adhere to it.
  • To ensure efficient operation and maintenance of plant in a cost effective manner.
  • To educate and encourage the member tanneries to adopt green tanning practices

Latest News

Visiting again after 10 years. I hardly recognised the place. Fortunately, the people have changed that much. So many new additions and treatment unit cannot but impress any visitor. Having facilities is one thing, having people who know how to operate and can talk passionately about it, is what makes it work. There are issues no doubt. (sludge & costing to name but two) yet with the attitude of the supporters of RANITEC - surely I count myself as one of these - I believe that those will be solved in future as well. I was impressed earlier and I have been more impressed now!

RANITEC CETP, a promoter of CEMCOT, Chennai, has played a pioneering role in demonstrating how to efficiently implement and successfully operate a ZLD project of a reasonable capacity of 3000 Cu.m./d. Credit for this belongs first to the tanner members of CETP who whole heartedly supported the management in this endeavour, secondly to the top management of CETP consisting of Chairman, Shri Ramesh Prasad and MD, Shri CM Zafarullah, who gave their time, experience and knowledge without any reservation to the project. Last but not the least, the commitment and dedication displayed by the operational management under Shri Shivkumar, Plant Manager, deserves a special mention! All in all a wonderful team effort, excellent results, Kudos to you all.

What a transformation today! Zero Liquid Discharge has become a reality. The journey taken a decade ago has continued with several milestones being crossed. I am proud of what has been achieved by the industrial sector. Let the factory move on. I wish the sector all the very best.

What a wonderful water purifying system! It is a real pleasure to see water being processed so well and then returned to the tanneries.