Future Plans

The CETP proposes to install the following additional facilities to reduce the cost of operation of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) System.

Third stage Reverse Osmosis System

A High Pressure Reverse Osmosis System for recovering additional permeate from the RO reject to increase the concentration of reject, thereby, reduce the feed to the Multiple Effect Evaporator.

Solar Photo Voltaic for Power Generation

The CETP proposes to install a 1.2 MW capacity Hybrid Captive Solar Power Plant to reduce the power consumption in the operation of ZLD System.

Solar System for Steam Generation

To reduce the high consumption of wood or briquettes, presently used for generation of steam for evaporating high saline liquor of the RO reject.

Nano Filtration

The Nano filtration to separate the mono valent and divalent salt in the RO reject for reusing the salt in the various industrial process.